English listening practice

How it works...

We've tried to keep eViews as simple as possible.

There are 2 parts to each eView.

the text.

You will receive the following written material:

GLOSSARY-this allows you to check key words that you will need to know before you listen to the interview.

COMPREHENSION EXERCISE QUESTIONS-you can test your understanding of the interview, either while listening, or afterwards.

ANSWERS-these will help you check your accuracy and understanding of the interview.

TRANSCRIPTION-this is a full transcription of the interview which you can use to follow difficult passages, or just check that you understand the audio.

ESL teachers receive a prepared lesson plan. This is all you need to present your students with a professionally prepared, enjoyable lesson that is aimed to fill a one hour class (minimum).

the audio.

Our audio is in MP3 format, so if you already listen to music on your computer or MP3 player you should not have to install any extra software.

We aim for diversity; a range of accents, different topics and varied exercises.

The best way for you to try eViews is to make a start right NOW.