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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is eViews for?

eViews is for students (and teachers) of English who want to practice and improve their English skills. Students can use eViews to listen to English accents from all over the world and be entertained while they learn. Teachers can use eViews as a convenient source of prepared listening material that comes with a glossary of expressions, listening comprehension exercise and answers, full transcription, and lesson plan.

We cover lots of accents and lots of subjects, and strive to maintain a diverse range for all interests.

I'm a teacher of EFL/ESL. How can I best use eViews?

If you're looking for additional material that is varied and different, here's a great site for you. We concentrate on producing interviews of people with different accents, from varying backgrounds, and talking about what they know best; their work, their hobbies, their passions. Each interview is packaged for an English lesson, 10 to 12 minutes of audio, edited for clarity while maintaining the nuances and manners of the guest, and talking about things that we hope to be of interest to you and your students. At TEACHER subscription level, each interview comes with its own lesson plan, as well as a glossary and comprehension exercise. Further details on our TEACHER page.

Our Privacy Policy/SPAM

We treat your privacy the way we expect others to treat us. Your e-mail address and other information will only be used for the purpose given, and not sold to third parties. Ever.